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Should you wish to bring any aspects of Harbour Operations or Maintenance to our attention please use the online contact form.

Planned Harbour Operations


The Harbour Trust will endeavour to keep harbour users updated of planned activities through these pages, in particular where any disruption to harbour movements or access may be encountered. Maintenance activities to be carried out over the forseeable future include the following.

Ladders: The ladders set into the stonework toward the outer end of the Long Pier have become badly corroded and are set for replacement. There may be some disruption to harbour access while work takes place, to ensure the safety of workers. Notice will be provided in due course.

Handrails: Handrails on the stone steps of the Long Pier are also badly corroded and set for replacememt. No disruption to Harbour movements is anticipated.


Old Slipway (NW corner) Repairs: Storms have resulted in the movement of boulders deposited around the Old Slipway during cliff stabilisation works a number of years ago. The movement has led to a number being deposited on the slipway and causing damage to it. As part of the heritage of the Harbour the Trust will as soon as poosible make good repairs tothis area and as a first phase has undertaken removal of the offending material. Replacement of stones dislodged from the Old Slipway is planned for some time in the future.

Gate Closures

2017: In order to alleviate silt accumulations in the harbour and entrance channel it is necessary to close and 'run' the gates; this is normally done at spring tides. Boat owners whose boats are in the Inner Basin and who wish to go to sea during these times should contact the Harbour Master in advance and he will do his best to find temporary berthing in the Outer Basin if required.

Planned dates are listed below. Any changes or additional closures will, if possible, be intimated on our Facebook page. At all times the gates will only be closed when necessary and, where the dates fall on weekends, particular effort will be made to limit any restrictions to before the first tide on a Saturday or after the second tide on the Sunday.

February: 27th to 28th

March: 12th to 15th and 28th to 31st

April: 11th to 13th and 26th to 29th

May: 25th to 29th

June: 24th to 28th

July: 23rd to 27th

August: 9th to 12th and 21st to 25th

September: 5th to 9th and 18th to 22nd

October: 5th to 9th and 18th to 22nd

November: 4th to 7th

December: 2nd to 6th