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Harbour Regulations

  • The speed limit in this harbour is 4 mph

  • No persons shall launch a vessel within the harbour area, or haul a vessel on to any pier or other harbour premises, without the permission of the Harbourmaster.

  • All vessels shall proceed with caution entering or leaving the harbour. A vessel entering the harbour shall have right of way over all others moving within the harbour

  • No person shall fish in the harbour area in such a way as to interfere with navigation

  • The Harbourmaster has full authority to determine berths and moorings. He may instruct a boat owner to move his boat or changed his moorings

  • At all times vessels shall be moored with two or more lines made fast to the harbour wall, except when on a mooring line. The Harbourmaster must sanction any mooring line other than to the harbour wall

  • The heavier vessels shall always take the inside berth, while the outside boat shall be responsible for fenders between it and the inside vessel

  • No vessel shall anchor in the harbour

  • No rubbish, stones, bait or waste oil may be dumped in the harbour or over the pier

  • Only fishing gear may be stored on the harbour wall and then at the discretion of the Harbourmaster

  • Any person leaving rubbish in the harbour area will be charged for the removal of it

  • Only persons over sixteen years of age may operate the bridge. All persons operating the bridge must undergo instruction from the Harbourmaster

  • No vehicle may be parked on the quayside. No vehicle may be parked in such a way as to obstruct access to the harbour area, in particular in front of the café or the slip

  • The master of a vessel shall be responsible for the conduct of his crew and passengers

  • The master of any vessel shall, when required by the Harbourmaster, provide particulars of the vessel and ownerDogs must be kept under control at all times

  • No person shall allow a dog to deposit excrement on any part of harbour property

  • Where in the opinion of the Harbourmaster the presence of dogs is not desirable then he may direct that dogs be excluded

  • Swimming is not permitted within the harbour